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I love to eat, cook and read cookbooks and I especially tend to invent an easy version of complicated recipes. When we are on holiday I love visiting local food stores, markets and I try to find and buy local specialties to experiment with at home. What I also love is to entertain, have friends over for an aperitif, dinner, barbecue and sometimes even a great brunch. For some of my friends this is pure horror and stress, I just love it! Also eating out is a nice pastime of me and Mr Husband, so occasionally you will find some restaurant reviews.

Lately, because of health issues, I have been focusing on healthy eating: seasonal products, gluten free, dairy free and sometimes even sugar free. I think it is important to eat healthy and share this with your kids. As a working mom of 2 I know it can be a challenge to prepare fresh and healthy meals and snacks for your kids but once you try it you’ll see it is not that hard: granola or oatmealpancakes for breakfast, roasted nuts as a snack, quinoapatties for lunch…just try it out and find out what your kid likes. From time to time a sandwich with yummie Nutella is ok, balance is the key!

What you will not find on this blog are recipes with cheese -dairy free remember, and off course there is the little fact that I just can’t stand the smell of cheese, horrible! The only cheese I occasionally consume is mozzarella. I hope to be able to share some of my healthy, easy and quick recipes with you as well as some information on restaurants and the occasional travel tips. The most important thing is that it Must be Yummie!

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