My blushy past

Growing up as a teenager in the 80’s, I discovered my femininity surrounded by big hair, bright make-up colours and loads of orange glittery powder. At the age of 13 I put on my first eyeliner, by the time I turned 25, I could have bought a second hand car from the money I had spent on beauty products. Living for over 7 years in paradise on the Canary Islands has certainly enriched my life; I adapt easily in all kind of situations, I find it easy to deal with people from all kind of nationalities and I speak several languages. Once back in Belgium I decided to follow my passion and took a make-up course.

Little did I know how that course would change my life…

After the first course I decided to take on as many small jobs as I possibly could and learned to work in all kind of situations: terrible light, tight deadlines, outdoors in freezing cold… Experience is key! Nowadays I still follow courses to stay progressive and to improve my techniques. There is always so much more to learn!

Since several years I run my own beautyblog to stay up to date about new trends and products. Besides working as a freelance make-up artist I am very proud to teach make-up at the highly recommended Wellnessacademie.

I consider myself lucky to have found my spot as a freelance make-up artist. I am known for commercial beauty & fashion make-up, fresh, flawless and simply beautiful. I understand the needs of my clients and translate them to create the perfect picture. I like to work on all skintones.My experience include production, video, advertising, photography, beauty and fashion make-up. Some of my clients include Grazia Magazine, Soudal, Domo Elektro, Customisez-Moi, Guerlain, The Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Maybelline. specificaties

Uniek bereik:14.000